Venture creation crash course

Over the past few years, I have run crash courses which focus on venture creation, both overseas and in Israel. Within five full days, participants both learn and go through the first stages of planning and validating their own ventures. The course can be tailor-made for BA students, MBA students or professionals who are looking to acquire the basics skills of entrepreneurial thinking and innovation.

Using a "learning by doing" approach, I believe that the best way to learn about startups, is to actually start one...

The final event at The Darmstadt University of Technology (TU Darmstadt), 02/2018

Course flow

  • DAY #1 - Introduction, building teams, ideation

  • DAY #2 - Designing business models, lean startup

  • DAY #3 - Validating probles/needs and solutions ("get out of the classroom")

  • DAY #4 - Learning how to raise money, Storytelling and pitching

  • DAY $5 - Preparing investors' pitch and presenting 


Course objectives 

Throughout the course, students will:

  • Learn to identify, analyze and test the feasibility of new ventures

  • Practice the processes and steps in developing a new venture  

  • Experience the customer discovery process

  • Develop viable business models

  • Gain insight into their own entrepreneurial abilities

  • Communicate their venture in an investor pitch and an elevator pitch


Students' feedback

Blog posts by Executive MBA students @ The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management:

Daniel Mendt - EMBA class of 2018Robert Lehmann - EMBA class of 2016

More feedback on the Venture Creation Crash Coure: 

"Dr. Maaravi's approach was guiding, inspiring and encouraging, I would definitely recommend it for those who think of starting their own venture…"

"I hope you enjoyed the week as much as we / I did and had a nice flight back to Israel. I really want to thank you for these great insights & methods you taught us! As I already said last week to you in person, you are an incredible inspiring person & your stage presence is admirable! "

"Lots of excitement and great fun, I have never enjoyed anything like last year. As I told before - it all began when I completed your entrepreneurship crash-course at IDC Herzliya. It was so short... but that was exactly what I needed!

So thank you very much! I very much hope that our paths will meet again" (from a student that started ger business following the crash-coure)

"Learning how to test my assumptions in the MVP forming process was one of the things that gave me the most confidence in starting my own venture…"

"the course's "hands on" approach made it one of the most significant courses I have studied throughout my MBA"

"All the educational information was backed with practical knowledge and tools, which made it highly valuable…"